International Patients

India’s ability to provide world-class medical treatment at surprisingly affordable prices has earned the country worldwide acclaim. Many patients from foreign lands visit Dr. A. Ajay Reddy to seek treatment for various brain and spine-related conditions. The state-of-the-art technology and his expertise have helped many healthcare seekers across the globe.

We are aware of the physical, mental, and emotional tolls that travelling for medical care may take, as well as how stressful the process can be.

The Continental Hospital’s International Patients Department at Hyderabad, India works hard to make sure you not only feel at home while you’re there but also that you return home in excellent health.

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A. You must provide the original passport, a copy of the G.O. letter with the boarding address, and the passports of any travelling companions. Your Indian family member, like you, needs photo identification.

A. Gather your identifying data, such as name, current address, and contact information for your current and previous employers. You should also compile all of your health-related information in one place, including details on your ailment, your medical history, the drugs you’re taking, your HMO, and any other medical insurance you may have. Make your financial preparations in advance.


A. When compared to their Western colleagues, Indian physicians are on par with or perhaps superior in many ways. The curriculum at medical schools in the nation is more demanding than that of other Asian countries.


A. Any payments should be made in Indian Rupees, as that is our prefered currency. If you need assistance exchanging your foreign cash or traveller’s checks for Indian Rupees, our Patient Services Desk is here to help.